Yellow On Denim: Touch Of The Sun

Hello my beloved readership,

after a long break due to a special event I am finally back and with myself I bring back a huge schedule of articles that are going to follow, among others the reason for my long delay. But today I want to celebrate my return with a popular summer trend: yellow. To be more precize yellow on denim. Because we all need the touch of sun in rough times.

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The Mesh-Shirt: What You Make Of It

Hello my dearly beloved readership,

May has ended but not the last week of it or rather the weekend – counting the long Whitsun weekend right at the beginning of June. Therefore it is not too late to introduce another May trend – especially because the fantastic midsummer-like weather has turned a little bit fresher again: that of the mesh-shirt. What you make of it or rather how I made it was to not give up on this trend despite outer influences and lack of time

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Sporty Elegance: Athleisure

Hello my beloved readers,

you live and learn – it belongs to life like fine feathers make fine birds, love towards elegance, black or sneakers. Today we learn that sporty outfits are not only suitable for everyday life, they even are suitable for everyday life in an elegant and noble way. Mark the name for this trend of suitable for everyday life and sporty elegance: Athleisure

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Skyblue And Pink: Be Authentic!

“You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”, this is what John Mason has taught us. On the other hand however “world is full of recycled ideas”, as one of my dear ones Sapphireverie correctly stated and I want to add that only because an idea was inspired somewhere else it does not have to mean that it is a cheap copy just like my today’s style of skyblue and pink. Be authentic: between discovering and inspiration

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