Engaged: Between Papers & A Ring

Hello my beloved readership,

welcome to episode 3 of the Fall4Me Wedding Special. Today I want to talk about the engagement – before going deeper into the wedding itself – and all that belongs to it. Most of you will think that there is not a lot to say. But this very unique promise special for both sides is bearing much more than a ring to show: traditions, preparation and the big surprise of the expected unexpected moment.

Fall4Me wedding rule engagement

Credits: Fall4Me

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Civil Marriage: This Is What You Need To Know

Hello my beloved readership,

because of a technical issue the Wedding-Friday had to be delayed for two days, forgive me on this behalf. Today I want to tell you all about the civil wedding – however I am going to reduce it to the city of Hamburg where I have made my personal experiences. I want to tell you how the whole process works introducing you to the different steps and as well – what I find the most important – what you need to beware of and keep in mind.

Fall4Me wedding rule 4

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Navy Blue On Old Rose: A Promising Season

Hello my dear readership,

in occasion of today’s shooting location and my husband renaming me I allow you to join us on calling myself “Helena of Hambourg”. Who that is? Me of course, however Helena of Hamourg shall symbolize the feminine fancifulness and elegance that the whole atmosphere and look reflects. When two unusual characters meet things seem exciting as promising.

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Purple Nails With A Glittery Old Rose: Soft Side

Hello my dear readers,

even if we do not show it we all have a soft side inside us. It might be seen as common knowledge as there is a saying about a rough diamonds and a soft core but the soft side I would like to talk about in this article is the one yielding to something when actually wanting to stay consequent as you cannot resist this facade. Sink into it deeper in the following.

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