Dresses By FashionMia: Wishlist

Hello my beloved readers,

today I not necessarily present you outfits or trends but some it pieces you might as well add to your wishlist: dresses by the Asian brand FashionMia. However for this wishlist I have focused on the huge variety of dresses they are providing. In particular on two certain categories of their dresses. Check out my wishlist below in the following:

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Instagram Photo-Diary: 5 Favorite Restaurants & Cafés in Hamburg #1

Moin moin, dear readers! As we like to say in the Hanseatic metropolis Hamburg.

Before we come to today’s article I sincerely want to apologize to everyone who is suffering from a constant hunger for what is going to come. Because we are going culinary and it is going to be very delicious with the first Instagram photo-diary on Fall4Me Official (Instagram: @JohannaVonKarajan): meet my personal five favorite restaurants and cafés in Hamburg for the first half of this year.

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The Mesh-Shirt: What You Make Of It

Hello my dearly beloved readership,

May has ended but not the last week of it or rather the weekend – counting the long Whitsun weekend right at the beginning of June. Therefore it is not too late to introduce another May trend – especially because the fantastic midsummer-like weather has turned a little bit fresher again: that of the mesh-shirt. What you make of it or rather how I made it was to not give up on this trend despite outer influences and lack of time

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